Retail Industry generates large amounts of data across transactions with customers, brands and logistics providers. When retailers analyze this data for insights, they can optimize their operations and improve business performance. Vizard, Infruid’s Self-service BI tool, is making it extremely easy for retailers to search data for patterns and trends and generate better insights. Here are some ways Vizard is helping retailers optimize their business:

  • Planning and Forecasting

    Vizard is helping managers monitor customer behavior and inventory levels and track performance of categories and products. Vizard is equipping Category Managers with insights from trends in data, leading to better forecasting and planning.

  • Price and Cost Optimization

    Vizard is helping retailers use historical data to price their products and optimize their costs.

  • Managing Sales Performance

    Vizard is helping retailers determine underperforming stores, products, and sales representatives, and plan corrective actions.


Decision making in Insurance is driven by statistical summaries of large samples of data. Self-service BI has gained adoption within Insurance Industry as it helps these businesses get better insights into their data at scale. Vizard is helping our Insurance customers sift through Big Data and get statistical summaries to help make data-driven decisions; allowing managers to create and manage their own reports easily without having to depend on technical expertise. Following are some ways Insurance businesses are using Vizard for.

  • Premium Optimization

    Vizard is helping customers visualize different scenarios by varying premium and estimating sales. Vizard helps analysts easily visualize the outcomes of their sensitivity models.

  • Fraud Detection

    Vizard is helping analysts report exceptions and identify potential fraudulent claims.

  • Improving Customer Service

    Vizard is helping managers monitor customer service performance through easy visualization of data and to identify potential bottlenecks and take corrective actions to improve processes. Ability to analyze customer feedback can help managers identify opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling and designing new products.


Healthcare Industry is undergoing a transformation as it gears itself to provide outcome based patient care. In order to do that, providers are required to better harness their data; it is estimated that over half of all Healthcare Organizations plan to replace their Business Intelligence system over the next three years. This is because traditional BI systems lack the agility required to adapt to changing regulations and customer preferences. Providers are looking for a new generation of self-service BI tools, like Vizard, to help them monitor outcomes and measure the performance of departments against those outcomes. Here are a few ways Vizard is helping Healthcare customers achieve this:

  • Outcome Driven Patient Care

    Vizard is helping healthcare organizations easily define outcomes as metrics and visualize the performance of departments by those outcomes. Analysts and managers can measure outcomes and slice and dice the data from each department to analyze the contribution of each department and processes across departments to those outcomes.

  • Managing Operational Efficiency

    Vizard is helping Healthcare providers monitor operational metrics with easy drill-downs to identify hotspots; providing deep insights leading to corrective actions.

  • Improving Compliance

    Vizard is making it easy for providers to define a multitude of detailed dashboards that can help them monitor regulatory compliance; for e.g., monitoring readmission rates.


Retail Banking is among the top 5 Industries that generate most quantity of data; most of this is generated from customer transactions. As economies around the world migrate towards digital and plastic currencies, banks have experienced an exponential increase in customer transactions and a corresponding increase in data generated from these transactions. Self-service BI helps Banks stay on top of this data and improve performance. Additional complexity due to sensitivity of data requires that BI tools that access such data have robust access control models; one of the reasons some of our Banking customers preferred Vizard over competition. Following are some of the ways in which Vizard is helping our Banking customers:

  • Improving Processes

    Vizard’s performance monitoring dashboards are helping Operations managers measure and monitor every important process in their operations. Self-service capabilities of Vizard are empowering managers take control by letting them author their own dashboards, giving them power to change what they measure.

  • Discovering Opportunities

    As Vizard is helping marketers slice and dice customer data, it is generating insights into customer behavior leading to discovery of opportunities for new products and changes to existing products.

  • Improving Customer Service

    Vizard’s Big Data capabilities are helping customer service departments easily sift through large datasets to analyze the performance of customer contact center and identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions.


With Globalization of Manufacturing, businesses have to deal with heterogenous and complex supply chains. As data flows in from disparate systems, Manufacturing businesses are required to look for insights from across the supply chain for improvements in efficiencies. Vizard is helping these businesses get a single version of truth from across data from in-house departments and supply chain partners. Here are some ways Vizard is helping Manufacturing customers outperform their competition:

  • Process Monitoring

    Process metrics are aggregated into Vizard directly from connected machines providing real-time insights into manufacturing processes and material movement.

  • Supply Chain Monitoring

    Manufacturers are sharing Vizard dashboards with supply chain partners helping partners better plan their supplies.

  • Inventory Monitoring

    Vizard is helping manufacturers monitor inventory levels and make data-driven inventory decisions.


E-commerce companies collect large amounts of data from customer interactions. However, not all Internet businesses are able to harness this data for decision making. Without the right tool to visualize, managers find it impossible to get meaningful insights into their business. Vizard is helping managers across departments of E-commerce customers with deep insights into data, enabling them make right decisions.

  • Conversion Path Optimization

    Vizard is helping Internet Retailers visualize statistical summaries of clickstream data, providing them with deep insights about conversion path and hotspots in the conversion paths; helping them make optimization decisions.

  • Running Effective Campaigns

    Vizard is helping Internet businesses analyze campaign data and attributions. Marketing managers are using Vizard to slice and dice campaign data by channel and time and gain deep insights into attribution, enabling them to optimize reallocation of budgets across channels.

  • Data-driven Product Management

    Vizard is helping product managers analyze session data to gain deep insights into product performance. Vizard is providing easy access to user behavioral data and supporting data-driven Product Management.

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