10 Reasons why Vizard is your best choice among all BI tools

  • Create dashboards in less than five minutes

    Vizard’s intuitive dashboarding lets new users get started in less than fifteen minutes and setup new dashboards in less than five minutes. Vizard’s interface is designed for non-technical business users and requires, absolutely, no training.

  • Access your insights from anywhere, anytime

    Vizard’s dashboards can be accessed from anywhere, whether from your phones, tablets or laptops. Your decision making won’t be hindered by your location, view insights anywhere and make data-driven decisions anytime.

  • Reduce time to Insights from days to seconds

    Vizard’s data discovery feature makes ad hoc reporting a breeze. Search your data instantly and find trends and patterns. You can ask questions and find answers in milliseconds. Vizard lets users ask questions in simple English and presents insights as interactive charts.

  • Perform advanced analytics

    Vizard supports complex statistical analysis and computations using simple queries. Vizard helps you build even complex visualizations of your data without requiring you to be a data nerd

  • Share Insights with team

    You can share your dashboards with other users in your team. Your team members can access these dashboards from anywhere and interact with them on phones / tablets / laptops. Democratize data analytics within your business with Vizard. Let everyone who needs to make data-driven decisions have easy access to the data and insights.

  • Enterprise grade Access control and Security

    Vizard’s flexible, yet robust access control and security model lets you easily configure even complex data access rules. No matter how unique your Organizational hierarchy is and how unique your access rules are, Vizard’s flexible access control model can be configured to address them.

  • Analyze Big Data scale datasets in seconds

    Vizard is a distributed computing system and uses multiple nodes across multiple clusters of servers to process data and queries. Vizard’s distributed computing power responds to your queries in seconds even on Big Data scale datasets.

  • Vizard has the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to all other BI tools

    Vizard’s competitive pricing and self-service capabilities will keep your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) extremely low. Implementation cycles are short and customers typically go-live on Vizard in days. Vizard lets you keep the implementation overheads low, reducing your TCO.

  • Integrate data from any data source

    Whether your business uses Enterprise systems (such as SAP or Oracle) or Relational databases (such as MySQL, MSSQL or PostgreSQL), or Cloud software (such as Salesforce or Shopify), Vizard can integrate with any of these data sources.

  • Embedded Analytics

    Vizard’s dashboards can be embedded in any application. Embed Vizard for seamless integration into your business processes. Let your users access analytics without having them leave your enterprise applications.

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