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Research shows that Organizations which rely on data for decision-making outperform their competition. Is your Organization data-driven? Do you make business decisions using insights derived from data? Data-driven Businesses require that everyone across the Organization has access to instant insights.

But Industry research shows that even in companies that use traditional Business Intelligence solutions, only 13% of the workforce ends up using them. This is because traditional BI requires special skills, making widespread adoption across the Organization impractical.

To overcome these challenges, you need a self-service BI platform that democratizes business analytics, so everyone who is required to make data-driven decisions has easy access to the insights they need.

You need a next-gen analytics platform that empowers Business Users, which is exactly what Vizard, our patent-pending BI platform, does.

With Vizard, you ask questions in simple English and get interactive charts showing the insights you need.

Use Vizard to have a conversation with your data.

You can slice and dice the data any which way you want by querying across multiple dimensions while applying multiple filters and get instant insights in any representation you wish, all of this, just by asking questions, in simple English. Even at Big Data scale.

Vizard is so easy to use that you can create new dashboards in less than 2 minutes.

You can even share insights with your team members for collaborative decision making.

Search and analyze data anywhere you need, whether from your phone, tablet or laptop. Vizard is a complete self-service tool, that empowers users and frees up valuable time for your IT and BI teams!

Vizard’s robust-yet-flexible access control model lets you control who has access to what data. Vizard’s enterprise-grade security features ensure that data is secured both during transit and at rest.

Increase employee productivity in powerful new ways and turn your Business into a data-driven Organization with Vizard.

Vizard, insights at the speed of thought.

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