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Vizard is a patent pending big data analytics platform.

Vizard’s interactive dashboards can be accessed from anywhere, either from your laptop, tablet or phone.

This is a typical dashboard in Vizard.

You can drill-down in a chart to any level.

You can zoom in to any chart to get a more detailed view.

You can use the time slider to easily slice the time dimension. Simply drag the slider to change the time slice.

Pick any custom time interval as well, such as last 3 quarters.

Vizard’s unique explore feature lets you ask questions in simple English.

Vizard picks the most appropriate chart for your question, however, you can change the chart on the fly. Also, you can customise everything about the chart.

With Vizard, you can slice and dice the data any which way you want. Instantaneously.

Use Vizard, to have a conversation with your data.

With Vizard, you can create new dashboards in less than 2 minutes.

Specify a custom layout for your dashboard by adding tiles. And simply indicate what questions you want each tile to answer.

Liberate your data and turn your business into a data-driven Organization.

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