Self-service Analytics: The Magic Dust for Business Agility

Posted by Mahesh Yellai on 10th Aug , 2016

Markets are increasingly more dynamic and to succeed in such marketplaces, Businesses have to be agile. Agile Businesses need to be data-driven and data-driven decision making requires that employees across the Organization have access to insights instantaneously, whenever and wherever they need them.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have failed to provide easy access. BARC’s - The BI Survey 15, found out that even in Businesses that implemented a BI solution, only 13% of the workforce uses them.

"Busy Workstation", Image Courtesy: norimutsu nogami at Flickr

Traditional BI solutions require users to be trained with special skills. Given the high cost of training, Organizations choose to centralize the BI function. In such Organizations, every time, a Business User needs a new or different insight from the data, they burden the centralized BI function with change requests for new or updated reports. An understaffed and overloaded BI team is unable to respond to these requests in time for the Business to make the right decisions. These lead times compromise business agility.

They will if they can

The solution to this problem is to democratize Business Analytics across the Organization.

Self-service analytics democratizes Business Analytics, helping Business Users with insights so they can make data-driven decisions without burdening the IT or BI teams. Self-service analytics frees up valuable time for IT and BI teams, so they can focus on more strategic and critical aspects of managing the data infrastructure.

Following are six key benefits of Self-service Analytics:

  • Data-driven decision making:  Decisions are backed by insights from data
  • Increased Productivity:  No more long lead times for new insights
  • Improved Agility:  Respond faster to changes in marketplace
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership:  Users generate reports by themselves
  • Make your IT and BI more strategic:  No longer burden them with requests for reports
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction:  Frustration free interface that empowers users
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With a self-service analytics tool, you liberate the data and empower the users to derive instant insights and make faster decisions.

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