Impact of Analytics on Non-profit Organizations

Posted by Marketing Team on 10th Feb , 2017
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Non-profits have always been diligent at collecting data because of their need for financial and social impact accountability to their donors. The amount of data collected by non-profits has increased significantly over time. However, other than for reporting purposes, very few non-profits have been using their data for analytics to improve efficiencies. If non-profits are not analyzing this data, they may be missing out on opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and increase impact. Data analytics can help non-profits increase donor enrollment and volunteer recruitment by analyzing campaign effectiveness and allocating campaign budgets proportionately. Data analytics can also lead to efficient allocation of resources and fund disbursement through analysis of past performance of projects.

Data analytics can help non-profits create more impact in multiple ways:

  • Make time-critical decisions fast in response to disasters and take relief measures appropriately.
  • Availability of open data (such as The Humanitarian Data Exchange) from across the world presents a unique opportunity for non-profits to analyze such data to understand problems of interest better, so they can devise better strategies to address those problems.
  • Data visualizations can help non-profits identify patterns in large datasets, such as demographic data, to help track effectiveness of deployed measures.
  • Data analytics can help discover new areas to create impact.
  • Analysis of donor behavior can help improve engagement with donors and increase their donations.

While data analytics can lead to many opportunities, not many non-profits have the resources trained in analytics to make use of the data. Also, such resources are hard to find. Therefore, it is necessary that these non-profits use a tool that requires no special skills or training to use. Vizard, Infruid’s data visualization tool, is just the right tool that non-profits need; it is a self-service BI tool that can help non-profits reap benefits of analytics without requiring them to invest in expensive software or training.

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