Self-Service Business Intelligence - Democratizing Analytics for Sales and Marketing

Posted by Marketing Team on 25th Jan , 2017
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A common factor across all leading businesses in competitive markets is that they all democratize data access within their Organizations. Everyone who needs to make data-driven decisions has access to the relevant data. Data gives them edge and Insights from data gives them power to dominate their market by taking right data-driven decisions. In order to democratize data access in your business, you need a Self-service Business Intelligence tool. In many organizations, the democratization of data follows the democratization of tools.

Self-service BI Tool - More Power to Sales and Marketing

Data can lead to deep insights that can help Sales and Marketing teams identify new opportunities for selling, cross-selling or upselling and take right data-driven decisions. However, the challenge with Sales and Marketing data is that it is spread across different systems such as: CRM, Marketing Automation, Point of Sale, Website access logs etc. For maximum effectiveness, you need to use the Self-service BI tool on top of data joined from these different systems.

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Self-service BI can help you slice and dice the data for business insights. Self-service business Intelligence tool makes data easily available for non-technical users such as Sales & Marketing teams to explore and find the business opportunities hidden in the data. If Sales & Marketing teams can explore these datasets, instead of just looking at pre-configured dashboards, they can uncover patterns that lead to actionable insights. Benefits from self-service BI include:

  • Insights that can help in identifying new customer segments or even new markets
  • Accurately forecast sales, backed by data
  • Iteratively adjust sales plans based on YTD performance, not just at the aggregate level but at any level of drilldown, not just within one dimension but across dimensions
  • Understand which segments are responding to which campaigns by slicing and dicing campaign data multiple ways and plan your new campaigns effectively
  • Easy access can mean timely access, whenever and wherever Sales or Marketing need the insights, they can access them; leading to timely action
  • Marketing budgets and sales strategies can be tailored to the segments according to customer lifetime value
  • Marketing and sales plans can be based on data rather than intelligent guesses
  • No longer burden your IT / Business Intelligence / Data Science teams for any adhoc queries

Vizard, Infruid’s patent-pending Self-service BI tool, can empower your Sales and Marketing team with all the insights they need to make the right data-driven decisions. With an intuitive search interface that lets users ask questions in simple English, Vizard requires absolutely no learning for new users. Go-live in less than a day, why wait for weeks for your IT team to roll out new dashboards, when you can build your own BI dashboards in less than 5 minutes?

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